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Web Design Gold Coast provide a complete Web Design Solution for your business. With over 15 years experience we can help across a broad spectrum of areas to set you up online for the best possible exposure with minimal fuss.

I (Chris - Owner), began building website in 2004 when my business was in need of a new website. Back in late 2004, websites were not that easy to build and there were no 'drag-n-drop' CMS builders. Needless to say my first site was not 'great'. A basic HTML website with some images (that took an age to load) and SEO was not the buzzword it is today!

Why build my own?

The decision to build my own was simply down to cost. Websites today can vary from cheap to expensive but back in 2004 you needed to sell a kidney on the black market to be able to afford the deposit and even when you paid top dollar, you didn't always get what you wanted.

Building my first site was now the goal. It took about 2 months to build my initial project. Despite a lot of late nights and learning to 'code' I managed to get a start on my project. My initial website would go through about 5 face lifts within the first 6 months. Never satisfied and continually wanting to develop and improve, I found a style and scheme I would be happy with and enjoy my creation.

Building for friends.

As time progressed the first website began to look rather respectable and soon friends would be asking me 'who did your site'. I would advise that I had painstakingly built my own to save cost. Friends would pick my brain and try and learn how they could build their own and would eventually turn to me to fix and finish their project.

With so many people turning to me I started to consider building a couple on the side for a little extra income and by 2008 I was building about 2 sites per month (on top of managing my own).

Progressing to animations

My early websites would often be full of colours and simple animations. Many often were built using dark backgrounds and became very busy. As 2010 approached I began to 'simplify' my new builds and started using mostly white backgrounds and removing unnecessary content. I was also beginning to learn different codes such as CSS and the like and SEO & Google became the forefront of my consideration with any new project.

SEO, Google & Full Time Design Work

As 2011 ticked over about 60% of my income was derived from building websites and managing content. I was becoming more and more proficient with Google and its early Webmaster Tools and was becoming obsessed with making my websites faster and more efficient. With mobile friendly websites becoming essential around this time I was actually ahead of the game (for the first time ever). Every site I was building was mobile friendly/responsive.

This would become a great catalyst for my development as a Web Designer. As 2011 drew to a close I would begin to cease many of my other business interests and focus 100% on website design and began to improve my graphic design skills using Adobe products.

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

As a young lad I was not one for 'creativity'. I was a Rugby player & Power lifter. Sitting in front of a computer and building websites was just something I did to earn some extra cash and being creative was something I developed during my journey. While I am no Picasso or Adobe Creative Suite whizz, I do have a pretty good eye for colour schemes and web page layouts. I also enjoy to create leaflets, business cards, online imagery for social media and the like. This allowed me to offer my clients a little extra scope when building their projects.

Multi-business Experience

As someone who enjoyed setting up a new business and trying my hand to something new, I have amassed a very strong business acumen. This in turn allows me to provide new business venture or expansion support to my clients. I have some valuable knowledge and experience that I have picked up along the way which many of my clients find highly useful.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Early 2016, AMP was a Google initiative that seemed to line up with the way in which I was trying to develop my websites. AMP would strip all the heavy and pretty much useless code out of websites to provide users a fast mobile experience. With this looking like everything I had been working towards for the past 5 years. I began to study this very quickly as I could see the benefit this would offer my websites, especially with Google considering Page Speed to be a ranking factor early 2018. I again raced to be ahead of the curve and offer my clients full AMP websites and by late 2017 this would become the reality.

Present Day

My work is always enjoyable, despite the tumultuous industry I operate. I find that my experience (and ability to code a website) has put me in great stead as I forge my future within the Web Designer world. Nowadays I am building websites that greatly exceed the expectations of all my clients.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering us for your project!

CJ Cornelius

Web Design Gold Coast:

  • Design & Build Clean, Google friendly AMP Websites.
  • Build Progressive Web Apps into every site.
  • Provide Client Friendly Manageable websites.
  • Develop Structured Data for almost every page/post.
  • Research SEO Opportunities for our clients.
  • Provide ongoing training/support.
  • Offer Content Management
  • Create Promotional Videos to provide a level of excellence for online presence
  • Work around the clock to update all software, plugins & security
  • and so much more!

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