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What are Accelerated Mobile Pages

Web Design Gold Coast AMPs | In short the AMP Project was a Google led, open source initiative (announced by Google on 7th October 2015), with the goal of improving the internet. It was designed to enable publishers to load content on their websites more quickly on mobile devices. This is to get rid of the slow lagging problem that users with old desktop based sites currently experience. They called it The AMP Project (Learn more here). To summarise, its key focus is to create future website projects to a standard of being consistently fast, aesthetically pleasing and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms (basically faster, with a key focus on mobile/smartphone devices).

Higher Performance & Engagement

Web pages and ads published in the AMP open-source format load near instantly, giving users a smooth, more engaging experience on mobile/smartphone devices and desktop.

Will it improve my search-ability on Google?

Google have said that AMP will not be a ranking factor at this stage. It is likely to become so in the near future. That being said, Speed, Mobile friendly and clean coding are a current factor that Google and other search engines currently factor when ranking a website. The future is what we need to be considering when we look to invest in our new online projects/presence and AMP is something we are confident is not only essential now but also moving forward.

We have never had a complaint about any of our websites loading too fast, for such clean aesthetically pleasing designs or awesome user experience, and AMP deliver for our clients on all these fronts.

WebDesignGC.com believe that AMP developed websites will become the 'gold standard' when it comes to ranking. As with anything related to Search engine ranking, it is safe to say there are no guarantees to be ranked high, no matter what you do. We believe however, if you don't do the basics then then you are improving your chances of NEVER reaching that Number 1  top slot.

Do I need to have AMP on my site?

If you would like a smooth, more engaging experience on mobile devices and a very fast page load with the likelihood that it will become an essential requirement for SEO and page ranking... then maybe you will.

Projects Completed

  • Web Design Gold Coast Client Maynard Electrical Group

    We have worked with Tim (Maynard Electrical Group) for a few years. In this time we have provided many services to his company including Website Design, Logo & Graphics, SEO, Weekly Management of posts and Social Media support. Please see…

    1 year ago

The Way of Technology

We put an exceptional amount of time and effort in our design phase to get the look and feel that suit you and your business.
We work with local, small to medium organisations (with one particularly large client), to deliver the ultimate Web Design and online presence needed to ensure that they have the right image to promote their brand.
We understand how important 'first impressions' are and know how difficult it is in some industries to get ahead.
It is essential that we achieve the right look and feel to promote any Brand, Product or Services across all platforms!

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